Intuitive Sessions by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

They are always with us.

One of the ways I help people find their path and work through their grief is through intuitive readings and mediumship. I have been an intuitive and medium since I was a child, but honestly, I thought everyone was. LOL I now do readings and intuitive work as a part of my coaching practice.

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I'm excited to work with you!


Sessions are for 45 minutes to an hour via phone.  We can connect to the spirits of your loved ones, help you build your own intuition, or I can help you figure out your next steps as you move along in your grief journey.

Feel free to ask anything you wish, however please note the following for mediumship sessions:

While spirits do their very best to communicate, it's still very difficult to discern most messages. Asking specifics about "What did I say last night to them," "What was my nickname?" or "What was their favorite toy?" are too specific and my channeling depends more on what spirit wants to discuss. Sometimes this information comes through as a validation message, but not always.

I am channeling information from them to you, so the more open you are, the better the session goes!

Can I Buy These for Gifts?

Yes! I love when people buy these as a gift. When you purchase the reading, simply send an email to and let me know. They can schedule at their convenience.



If you need to reschedule, please try to give me 24 hours notice. Emergencies are always accommodated - life happens!

If clients fail to cancel a booked session within 24 hours, I allow 1 reschedule. After a second no-show, I will refund you your money. No further bookings are allowed after 2 no-shows.


Please note that I cannot access others’ energy without their permission. I cannot tell you if someone else feels some way, or if they’re going to do something. I do not have permission to access that information.

Sometimes spirit will not share with me things you want to hear. 

Very often they don’t even have messages and will simply share things with me that validates for you that they are around. 

Please keep an open mind to this experience and know even spirits have boundaries and may not share things they don’t wish to. Sometimes, they don’t share things because they don’t want to interfere with your path in the physical world. Please respect these boundaries just like you would in the living world.

Important information about a newly passed person:

If your loved one has passed within the last 6 months, please wait until 6 months have passed to book. They need time to adjust into the spirit world, so it can be difficult to connect. 

(This is also why newly deceased loved ones show up to people OTHER THAN their closest loved ones shortly after they die. They are getting settled, and other people are easier to contact. It does not mean they have abandoned you!)

Other disclaimers and things to note:
  • I will not advise on medical, legal, or financial reasons for liability purposes.
  • I do not tell the future. At all. Don’t even ask.
  • I do not use tarot cards, or a crystal ball, or runes, or any of that.
  • I do not do any medium type work during facilitated grief groups.
  • I am not a replacement for a licensed therapist or counselor.
  • Do I wish I knew lottery numbers? Definitely 😂
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